Charities Supported by Miss Jason

Thais 4 Life

missjason22The basic medium for generating funds for Thais4Life, and providing considerable exposure, is the Thais4Life Bookshop, and your support for the bookshop would be gratefully appreciated. It has been called “The Best Bookshop in Pattaya”, and carries over 35,000 titles in 16 different languages. Donations of books are always gratefully accepted, and you can buy a book for only 80 baht – all books are priced at 80 baht – and you can also exchange any books that has been bought from the Thais4Life Bookshop for just 40 baht. The Thais4Life Bookshop is located in Soi Yensabai Condotel (See map and detail below). You are invited to visit us at any time during our opening hours – 12.00 noon – 6.00 pm Monday to Saturday – closed on Sundays.

Thais4Life has a vigorous project program. These include:

* Support for the Banglamung Hospital “destitute patients” fund – a fund set up to specifically help patients at the hospital with no money, and lack the basic essentials of living.

* Support through the YWCA for scholarships for destitute children, to cover school fees, and basic requirements – these children otherwise would be deprived of an education.

* Support for the Baan Jing Jai Orphanage in Soi Neung Pleub Wan. This orphanage desperately needs basic essentials, and Thais4Life have provided bedding, rice and large quantities of other foodstuffs, and basic school requirements – pencils and paper, and drawing material. Jing Jai Orphanage support is an ongoing project for Thais4Life, and details are published below, including photographs of activities there.

* Joint organizer/sponsor, with Oscars and Panorama in Pattayaland Soi 3, and The Balcony Bangkok, of the annual Teddy Bear Appeal.

The Sussex Beacon

The Sussex Beacon is a clinical care centre for men and women living with HIV/AIDS. They are based in Brighton, Sussex and have a ten bedded Inpatient Unit as well as Outpatient Services including, Anxiety Management, Sleep Service, Day Service and Women & Families Service.

Father Ray Foundation

The Father Ray Foundation provides a home, an education, nutritious meals, medical assistance and the opportunity for the children and students to reach their full potential and become independent and decent members of society.

All services are provided free of charge to those in their care and done so by the generosity of their supporters and sponsors